Sunday, October 6, 2013

sweden/finland trip

 1.  Conquered the Helsinki  !


2. Cuties in the bus :3

4.  A diverse buffet breakfast on the ferry. So yummy !

5. Make money in the casino on the ferry *_*
6. Last food on the ferry. ;(
7. The Islands of Sweden. Uncoming to Stockholm.
8. Stockholm. The view on the city hall

9. The city hall.

 10. The view from city hall's side on the  opposite side.

11. Start walk around the city.

12. Russo touristo hehe

12. It's a very awesome boots, I'm in love <3

13. Delicious.....

14. In the shopping mall Galeria in Stockholm.

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Marilena Kamakura said...

love your photos! seems that ou had a great trip!:)
love, Marilena