Saturday, February 8, 2014

own happiness

Hi!  I promised share you my idea  from this  clear  post .  Here you are! And I finally  got my ordered sweatshirt with my own print.

( Wearing: cheneese inspired sweatshirt made by me, Nike sneakers, Herschel backpack. )

Last few weeks I tried to relax: " sleep more, draw more, think less, worry less..."
Does this help? A little.
Btw, check it out : quiet . You would like it!
Also a new entry about me here.
And about photos...This look may be very comfy for a walk or for a training. I prefer minimalist look with nothing not essentialand. Because of this I choosed simply black clothes: glossy long coat with interesting collar, leggins. 
 My favorite canvas medium backpack and my new Nike babies must be a good part of this.
I'm in love with my new roshe run patterned sheakers, they have got amazing color! Finally I wore this runners for a shoot. 
I wanted look like "asian girl" haha so  I added eyelines to my make-up. Also I done hairstyle: two cute little buns.
This look inspired by cheneese ( which I had to learn). I found the etymology of this hieroglyph very interesting and made this print. It means happiness.( Ask me if you want to know more ). 
And what hapiness is for you ?

find your own happiness

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